Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My first post!

Hey everyone! This is my first post. After a year of first being asked to make my blog and lots of teasing (Elaine and Christine.....) I've finally done it. I'm starting off my blog with a project I've started for my girlfriend, Amanda Koh. After Kung Fu Panda 2 came out and the introduction of Baby Po, I decided to sculpt again. I plan on crafting a small wooden crate out of balsa wood and placing him in there. I'll have my sketches for it up soon. I hope it turns out well and she likes it. Sorry for the crappy pics and for the fact that I mixed my Sculpy. Poor artists got to use what they got.

I'll be adding in fingers and toes and other details soon. Looking at these pictures, I think he could use a little more roundness. Tell me what you think!

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